Emergency/urgency patient

With 24-7 services of consultation at Emergency Department and In-patient including nearby hospitals and all North-Eastern hospital

Direct Call 063-976-6806

Surgery Clinic

Monday (9.00-12.00)

  • Vascular surgery (Asst.Prof.Narongchai, Asst.Prof.Supatcha)

  • General surgery (Dr.Phati, Dr.Panu, Dr.Parichat)

Tuesday (9.00-12.00)

  • General surgery (Assoc.Prof.Chaiyut, Dr.Phati, Dr.Parichat)

Wednesday (9.00-12.00)

  • Vascular surgery (Asst.Prof.Narongchai, Asst.Prof.Supatcha)

Thursday (9.00-12.00)

  • General surgery (Assoc.Prof.Chaiyut, Dr.Panu, Dr.Parichat)

Trauma Unit, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Thailand